The Fresh Difference

We Protect Your Bike Investment

All new bikes purchased from Fresh Bike Service, Inc. come with 2 years of Tune Ups. That means you get 3 Free Tune Ups a year for 2 years. Real $110 Tune Ups at No Cost! $660 in Free Tune Ups to help protect your investment. Bikes purchased over $4000 receive 3 years of tune ups, or $990 in service. 

Don't fall victim to the smoke and mirror "Life Time Adjustments" pitch. Adjustments are not tune ups, so don't be fooled.

We also install your basic parts on your Fresh Bike at No Labor Charge for 2 years, as long as the parts are purchased from Fresh Bike (This covers the labor to install your cables, your brakes pads, tires, tubes, and grip installations).