Winner of trail bike and XC bike awards, as well as professional races around the world, the Mach 4 Carbon perfectly embodies our philosophy of designing every Pivot to perform at the pinnacle of its category. For riders seeking the ultimate in lightweight trail bikes, the flickable, confidence inspiring Mach 4 Carbon shines in technical terrain, and anywhere the singletrack gets rough. For racers, the ability to unleash on descents is matched only by the Mach 4 Carbon’s World Cup pedaling efficiency and power transfer. Whether it is time to cut loose on your favorite trail or crush the competition at your next race, the Mach 4 Carbon is one bike that does it all.

From the Epic race series, to the Sea Otter Classic, to the Pan Am Games – the Mach 4 Carbon has put athletes on podiums around the world. As race courses evolve to be as technically challenging as some backcountry epics, Pivot’s next generation race/trail geometry is the answer to hitting everything just a little bit faster on every lap.

The Mach 4 Carbon frame is produced using our proprietary hollow core internal molding process, combined with highly optimized layup structures, tube sections, and material choices, tuned for the optimum ride-feel in every size. Frames weigh as little as 5.1lbs (2.3kg) and complete bikes are available under 22 (10kg) lbs.

The new Mach 4 Carbon features a fully redesigned rear triangle with increased stiffness and more tire clearance. The confident handling of the Mach 4 Carbon is complemented by the mid-sized 27.5” wheels with new 148mm BOOST rear hub spacing – all together, providing instant response while maintaining rolling speed through even the roughest sections of a racecourse.