Check out the MTB Podcast


We've become huge fans of the MTBPodcast recently and have added it to our rotation of "must listen to" content. 

"Co-hosts Jonathan Lee and Steven Lewis draw from years of experience in the mountain biking world as enthusiasts and members of the industry to give you the info you need to know and the banter you want to hear.
Jonathan's background as a nationally ranked XC racer, certified coach and host of the popular Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast brings a level of training and racing knowledge that is unprecedented.
As a competitive enduro racer and professional mechanic, Steven is an expert on all things technical and mechanical in the world of mountain biking."

The truth is, Jonathan Lee & Steven Lewis have built a perfect mix of nerdery, bike knowledge, cycling insight, humor, nutritional and training knowledge. Each episode has some helpful Q&A's, tips, and news, along with a spotlight ranging from How to Demo a Bike to The Mountain Biker's Guide to Roadies to the most in-depth breakdown of Rear Suspension you could ever need. 

Check out their site and find them on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play