Ibis Ripley Gen 3 - Coming soon to Fresh Bikes

The ever-popular Ibis Ripley has gotten an update for 2017 to include a wider swing arm, allowing riders to run even wider rear tires and a few other updates.

Ibis' 120mm-travel Ripley 29er platform has been around for four years now, and in that time it has earned a rep as a sporty feeling, fun loving trail bike that's a good match for a rider who appreciates efficiency and near-telekinetic handling abilities. In that time, Ibis also offered a second version, the Ripley LS, with a longer reach and slacker steering compared to its OG predecessor, and now a new version of the Ripley LS is set to replace both models.

Short-travel and wide, 29'' rubber is a recipe for fun, and the third-generation Ripley receives a new swingarm that allows for 29'' x 2.6'' Schwalbe rubber and Maxxis' 2.5 WT tires to fit. Having run wide tires and Ibis' own 941 wheels on the previous two versions of the Ripley, I'm well aware that there wasn't much space between the rear tire and the frame, and a bit of sticky mud could easily gum up the works. The increased clearance should put an end to that, while also letting riders add some forgiveness to the bike by going with the high-volume tires. Prefer a fast rolling, hummingbird of a bike? Then go with a set of 2.35'' (or slimmer) tires. Looking for more smash-and-dash? A set of big Schwalbes or Maxxis WT tires should do the trick. 

"Since we originally designed the Ripley, 29er wheel and tire technology have continually and dramatically improved. We upped the clearance with the launch of the Ripley LS. Now that tire manufacturers are coming on strong with 2.6" offerings, we decided it was time for another update, making the Ripley LS even more versatile." - Scot Nichol

Look for the new Ripley Gen 3 at Fresh Bikes later this spring.