"That's Racing" - A look at Yeti Factory rider Cody Kelly's Sea Otter Experience

The Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom is many things. It is the “Unofficial Dual Slalom World Championships”, it is unpredictable, it is a party; it is both a rider and fan favorite and a mix of new school and old. It’s racing in one of its’ finest and most exciting forms, and in racing, anything can happen.

Saturday afternoon’s at the Otter can cement the legendary status of some, and catapult other unknown faces into the spotlight. Yeti Fox Factory Team's Cody Kelley fits into the latter category—while the world now knows and loves his signature style and hair, he was a virtual unknown when he won here as a teenager in 2014. Turquoise factory rides, EWS results, and #manimonday’s followed, but this is where it all started.