Yeti's resident filmmaker and photographer Joey Schusler has an incredible new film that dropped this week titles "High Altitude Lines" that documents the journey to ride and backpack through the San Juan mountains. 

We started our journey in Telluride, bikepacking a big loop to Silverton and then off the Colorado Trail and Continental Divide, ending our trip back in Silverton and hitching a ride back to Telluride. We quickly realized our trip through the mighty San Juans wasn’t going to be easy.

"Both mountain biking and fly fishing ignite emotions of triumph and dismay. The frustration of fixing a flat in the rain closely parallels the feeling of untangling a line snagged in a tree. The thrill of sending a steep line draws similar feelings to those that arise from fighting a savage trout. But most importantly, both sports are a catalyst for adventure, excuses to get out and enjoy the glory of the mountains with your best friends."