SDG Junior Kits - Now kids can shred with style

SDG’s new kits for youth allow young riders to Shred In Good Company.

Kids are starting to ride at a younger age, and progressing faster than ever. With sweet new color coordinated parts (just like mom and dad have on their bikes) riding becomes way more fun, and safer too. The traction grabbers and replaceable steel pins in the small nylon pedals keep their feet from slipping, while thinner bar ends and smaller OD grips allow for increased control and overall confidence. To top it off, a proper size saddle simply makes the ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

With SDG pretty much being the only saddles I’ve run my whole career it’s the coolest thing ever to pass on that heritage and that authenticity to my kids. With the junior pro kit she gets skinnier diameter bars and grips, matching pedals and an amazing SDG seat to match it all.
— Cam Zink

The junior line concept has been in the works for a couple years now. As a company originally invested in saddles SDG started developing the Fly Jr in 2014. Higher end kids mountain bikes were emerging, yet the options for smaller quality seats were limited -- mostly just price point BMX saddles which were far too large and heavy. SDG set out to solve that problem. The Fly Jr was the industry's first branded performance saddle specifically designed for youth MTB riders. Some of their OE partners such as Bergamont, Cube, Mondraker and especially Norco were early adopters and used the saddle as an OEM part on their complete bikes. With their insight, along with the SDG riders, friends and their children, as well as the SDG engineer having a 7 year old rider too, they started looking for other ways to improve this underserved segment.

sdg_pro_kit__0000_Layer 3.jpg
sdg_pro_kit__0001_Layer 2.jpg
sdg_pro_kit__0002_Layer 1.jpg
sdg_pro_kit__0003_Layer 0.jpg

The SDG Jr Pro Kits are on their way to Fresh Bikes for this holiday season. Stop by and check them out!