Pivot Shuttle Review - The best e-bike on the market?

Check out the Pivot Shuttle review from Loam Wolf. Everyone that's taken one of these for a spin has had the exact same feedback - they're amazing and can really be a different way to ride for many people. 

A brand like Pivot doesn’t approach anything with a half-assed effort, and the Shuttle is no different. It’s clear that they went above and beyond to ensure the Shuttle not only rides well compared to other e-bikes, but also compared to normal bikes. Aside from the geometry, the time Pivot spent to optimize the Shuttle’s suspension tune was worth the effort. This bike tackles chunder just as well as it does a steep, techy descent or high-speed pedaly sections.

Pivot chose to build the best Shuttle possible, and because of that one model option it’s an all out premium affair. There certainly are other brands out there with more appealing price tags, but only you can decide if the price to performance ratio is something you’ll truly notice. We certainly noticed the performance but still have a hard time justifying $9,999. It was hard for me to believe that I actually purchased this bike just to review it, but now that I have it in my garage, I’m not sure I want to let it go.