He learned to ride a mountain bike at 70, and he's still riding at 82. Meet Alf.

A relationship with cycling. It’s no fling, its long term. Us, you - we’re both in it for the long haul.

There are ups and downs, like any relationship, of course.

Once you get a buzz for doing something, you’re going to want to do more of it, and its just tremendous. And there’s a LOT of 70 year old riders that are a lot better than me but its not to late to start at 80!

An ill-timed puncture, a painful get-down, one hill too many. These are feelings that are easily forgotten. Replaced with thoughts of riding camaraderie, a new cake at your favourite café stop, a Strava PR.

You only have to look around you. Fresh air, exercise and good friends. It’s good on your body, it’s not harmful on your knees, everybody should try it.