The Pivot Mach 4 – The bike that started it all.

It’s the perfect XC and marathon race bike that is at home on everything from the most demanding World Cup XC race course to your favorite trail. With a 24 hour Endurance World Championship under its belt, and multiple MTBR.com “Best XC Full Suspension Bike” awards, it’s easy to see why the Mach 4 has garnered such an incredible reputation. For starters, the Mach 4 is a highly optimized frame design with a stiffness to weight ratio that puts all other XC bikes to shame. Featuring 4” (100mm) of the most controlled dw-link® suspension travel in the sport, the Mach 4 can out-climb, out-sprint, and out-descend any bike in its class.

With superior suspension and pedaling performance, traction and unrivaled frame stiffness, the Mach 4 is designed to take you to the top step of the podium or simply make your ride that much more fun. In either case, you will be doing everything faster aboard the Mach 4.