We have the biggest and best demo program on the East Coast - We want you to ride before you buy.

The goal of the Fresh Demo Program is to allow Fresh customers to make more educated purchase decisions. We achieve this by having Fresh customers take out demos and test them under real riding circumstances before making a final purchase decision. Get first-hand experience with the suspension technology and the capabilities of the platform... both while climbing and descending. The latest generation of mountain bikes will improve your stability, especially at high speeds, and make the rider feel younger and more confident on the bike. 

We want to help our customers build on their knowledge base, grow their passion while also giving them the opportunity and tools to make the best decisions based on their riding style and their goals.

All new bikes purchased from Fresh Bike Service, Inc. come with 2 years of tune ups. That means you get 3 free tune ups a year for 2 years. Real $110 tune ups at no cost. $660 in free tune ups to help protect your investment. Bikes purchased at $4000 and above receive 3 years of free tune ups.  Don't fall victim to the smoke and mirror "Life Time Adjustments" pitch. Adjustments are not tune ups, so don't be fooled. We also install your basic parts on your Fresh Bike at no labor charge for 2 years, as long as the parts are purchased from Fresh Bikes (This covers the labor to install your cables, your brakes pads, tires, tubes, and grip installations). That's even more savings!

These demo bikes are not rentals. They are reserved for serious customers looking to purchase a bike within the near future. Please call us at 770-587-4980 to check demo availability.

We do NOT supply clipless pedals. If you'd like to ride a demo or a rental bike with clipless pedals, please supply your own, and we will be happy to install them. 

We reserve the right to refuse demos for any reason.

Demo requirements: credit card, driver's license, at least 18 years of age.

Bike racks are required for transporting our bikes. We do not allow bikes to be transported without the proper bike rack systems. Truck beds and the backs of SUV’s or vans are not acceptable options. We will only allow you to transport our bikes with a proper Bike Rack that is safe and suitable for use.


Yeti, Ibis, Pivot & Transition
$75-Hourly / $150-Per-Day

$50-Hourly / $100-Per-Day


$200-Half Day (3-4 hours)

We only do half days - Demo cost can be applied to purchase within 30 days. Demos can only go down at Big Creek currently as our EMTBs cannot be transported.  Policies and other requirements parallel current demo policies.