The Power to Ride More Trails

It’s still mountain biking. There’s just more of it when you’re on an e-mountain bike, which means more climbs, descents, miles and fun.


For Everyone

There’s something in e-mtb for everyone. From the person who wants to do a massive workout to the dad taking his daughter out for a spin and removing the huge obstacle that hill-climbing brings. It enables riders of mixed abilities / fitness to ride together and it can mean the doubling of runs for a downhill rider. 

Is it like a motorcycle? Not at all, e-mtb makes less noise even than a mtb with a noisy hub. We’re frequently asked is e-mtb more fun than mtb? The answer is that it’s different. Does it affect the fun you have on any other bike? No it doesn’t.


It’s Still Mountain Biking

Clearly this is at odds with many people’s­ interpretation of e-mtb. Some say it’s for cheating and unfit people. Be it through a range of gears, pedal assistance and power modes a rider can choose how hard to ride, for how long and on what terrain. There’s also software to assist you with this.

In terms of physicality, the leg strain might be lessened, but the heart rate and workout will not. E-mtb can incorporate steeper, more technical climbs that are conquered faster yet still leave you breathless. On the downhill sectors there’s very little to choose between e-mtb and mtb in terms of speed.

Our Lineup of E-Mountain Bikes

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 4.00.45 PM.png

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a new e-bike law. House Bill 454 officially recognizes electric bikes as bicycles and gives e-bike riders the same access to roads and pathways as other bicycle riders in Georgia. To read the full bill, visit the Georgia e-bike page.