Fresh's Take on Switch Infinity

Switch Infinity uses a 'translating pivot.’ As the rear wheel moves through its travel, the carrier slides upwards, creating a rearward axle path and increasing chain tension, which combats squat. Deeper into the travel, the carrier changes direction, reducing chain tension and contributing to the bike’s controlled, bottomless feel - as well a great small bump square bump compliance.

But don't just take our word for it...

"The same attributes that the Switch Infinity link displays on the way up are also present on the way back down, and it's glorious. No matter where the shock seemed to be in the rear travel, the Switch Infinity link was always ready to give just a bit extra to get me through unscathed." - Bike Magazine

"The suspension action is ridiculously good and notable in the way it changes through the stroke to give seamless bump absorption from small to large. The Switch Infinity platform never hangs up on obstructions, keeping the bike pressing forwards is easy and forward momentum is always rapid. I have personally ridden faster on this bike than any other, just looking at my STRAVA account shows how confident this bikes makes me." -